From The Depths - The Awakening book cover

From The Depths - The Awakening

It’s supposed to be a relaxing spring break away from college; a chance to visit family. When the news announces a comet is going to hit Earth, Shannon Anderson is thrust into a fight to save herself and the ones she cares about most.

Shannon has always excelled in life. She knows that with the right resources, for her, survival is just a matter of preparation. It isn’t until after she emerges from her shelter that she realizes that the comet itself is not what she needs to worry about, but rather, what the comet carries with it.

She has six people depending on her for help. With each step they are looking to her for guidance. Can she be the leader that those around her expect her to be, and save the ones she loves? Above all else, will she be able to adapt to the changing world she finds herself in?

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