Steven Jaeger

Author / Designer / Developer / Musician

About Steven Jaeger

He is an Oregon based author, web designer, front-end developer, and all-round artist who loves a challenge. If he is not actively learning something new, then he must be dead. However, his goal is not to learn everything, but to be excellent at everything he learns. He's been writing on and off for several years, and tackling front-end design and development since 2008.

The man, the myth, the legend

Books by Steven Jaeger

  • Awaiting Arrival book cover
  • From The Depths - The Awakening book cover
  • From The Depths - The Confrontation book cover
  • The Eternal Experiements book cover
  • The Climb book cover

Design & Development

Check me out on LinkedIn. I've also built a couple Android apps, Wordpress addons, and Chrome extensions. There isn't much I'm not willing to tackle. Reach out if you have a project that needs work. I'm always up for a challenge.